How Often Should You Resurface Your Pool?

How Often Should You Resurface Your Pool?

Your pool is a center of fun, laughter, and memories, but all that use can take a toll on the surfacing. It should be smooth and even, but minerals can build up and stain your pool, and the plaster can become bubbled, worn, and chipped. This is bound to happen to every pool, no matter how well you maintain it. Resurfacing your pool can extend its lifespan and make it look new again. How do you know when it’s time to resurface your pool, and how often should you do it?

Why Should I Resurface My Pool?

Many homeowners question why they should resurface their pool in the first place. It still functions, even if it doesn’t look the best. However, a backyard pool is more than just a pond in your backyard. A deteriorating pool surface can cause a myriad of problems. You’ll have to fish out pieces of surfacing that chip off, and they can clog the filter. Pool water and minerals can get in through the cracks in the surfacing, and you may scrape yourself on jagged plaster.

How Can I Tell When It’s Time To Resurface My Pool?

Various finishing materials look different as they deteriorate, but there are a few overarching signs to look out for. Look out for stains. Light green and brown stains are usually due to algae, but blueish green, red, or black stains mean mineral deposits are eating at the plaster.

You also need to look out for rough spots, peeling plaster, and cracks. Cracks can be a big pain, as they usually grow over time. If you notice your pool’s water level is dropping, the water is likely leaking through the cracks.

How Often Should I Resurface My Pool?

How often you should resurface your pool depends on your pool’s finish. If your pool has a cement or plaster finish, you’ll need to resurface it once every four to seven years. However, concrete pools can last up to 25 years without needing any resurfacing. The longest-lasting pools are made of fiberglass, and you only need to resurface them once every 20–30 years. However, if you notice the signs of deterioration we mentioned above, resurface your pool as soon as possible.

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