Swimming Pool Warranty Options

Limitless Life Time Warranty

It’s one thing for a pool builder to say they build the best quality swimming pools – we back it up.

Limitless Custom Pools and Backyards is proud to offer a lifetime swimming pool warranty. This exceptional warranty is one of the only ones of its kind in Houston, and provides unparalleled peace of mind for pool construction clients. The warranty covers the pool structure, rebar, plumbing, electrical components, and equipment, for the original buyer, with some limitations. With this warranty, you can rest assured that your investment in a custom pool is protected for life.

This lifetime warranty is an add-on, and goes above and beyond the standard warranty offered by the company. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your custom pool, consider upgrading to the Life Time Warranty. At Limitless Custom Pools and Backyards, we are committed to delivering the best possible swimming pool ownership experience, and this lifetime warranty is just one of the ways we do that.

Investing in a custom swimming pool is a big decision, and with the Limitless Life Time Warranty, you can have complete confidence in your investment. Contact us today to learn more about this exceptional warranty and how it can benefit you.

What's Covered?

Plumbing Coverage: Our warranty covers any leaks or damages in the PVC piping, manual control valves, connections to pool equipment, skimmer(s), and cover grate(s).

 Equipment: Our warranty covers the motor(s), pump housing, filter tank(s), sand filter internal components, backwash valve(s), and heater(s). However, it excludes wearable parts such as skimmer weirs, lids, and baskets, automation systems, rubber gaskets or o-rings, filter pressure gauges, D.E. filter grids, cartridge filter media, light bulbs, remote controls, batteries, blower motors, ozonators, salt cells, UV light systems, etc. which are subject to normal wear and tear.

Electrical System Coverage: Our warranty includes all wiring, breakers, and connectors, as well as time clocks and pool/spa light fixtures.

 Steel Reinforcement: Our warranty covers all steel reinforcement, including rebar, within the pool/spa shell structure, including rust migration that affects the interior surface finish.

Pool/Spa Structural Shell: Limitless warrants that the pool/spa shell will remain structurally sound and capable of holding water for the period of time owned by the original Buyer, subject to reasonable care and necessary maintenance. Upon failure of the shell to retain water, Limitless will repair the shell to hold water within a reasonable time, provided the Buyer has complied with all terms of contract, including payment in full. This Pool/Spa Structural Shell Warranty is invalid if the pool/spa is not kept full except for a five (5) day period each year for maintenance; if the water table is above the lowest point of the pool/spa; if the structure is damaged by earthquake or earth fill movement by disasters not occasioned by Limitless, such as acts of God, explosion, wrecking and the like. Limitless does warranty against damage to the pool shell caused by expansive soil. If ownership changes, the Pool/Spa Structural Shell Warranty in this paragraph will extend to a second Buyer for a period of ten(10) years after the interior surface is completed upon written approval of transfer by Limitless. The original Buyer must notify Limitless of the change in ownership and the name of the new Buyer in writing within thirty (30) days of change of ownership. No transfer fee is required. Limitless retains the right to inspect the structure prior to authorizing transfer of this Pool/Spa Structural Warranty.

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We believe in the quality and durability of our pool builds, and that’s why we offer a lifetime warranty as an option to our customers. Our commitment to delivering the best possible experience extends beyond the initial installation and into the long-term satisfaction of our clients. We have the utmost confidence in our product and the workmanship that goes into every build, and the lifetime warranty serves as a testament to that. With this warranty, our customers can rest assured that their investment in their backyard paradise is protected for a lifetime.

Swimming Pool Construction Warranty Options

Standard Warranty

While our lifetime swimming pool warranty option is highly recommended, we also offer a comprehensive standard swimming pool warranty package for those who choose not to opt for the lifetime coverage. Our standard warranty includes a limited lifetime warranty on the pool structure, ensuring that our customers will have peace of mind for many years to come. In addition, we provide a 3-year warranty on equipment, 1-year plumbing, and electrical components, covering any potential issues that may arise during the first few years of use. 

This warranty coverage is not only competitive with other standard warranties offered by other pool builders, but it provides our customers with the added assurance that they are making a sound investment in their backyard paradise.

Whether you choose the lifetime swimming pool warranty option or the standard warranty, we stand behind our product and our workmanship, and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience.

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