Pool Resurfacing Service in Houston

If you own a pool, you’ve likely sunk a lot of time and money into building, cleaning, and maintaining it. Understandably, you want to keep it running and looking its best for as long as possible. Even the most well-maintained pools will need servicing at some point during their lifespan. It may be time to restore your pool if you’re noticing stubborn stains, unexplained drops in your water levels, flaking plaster, or cracks in the walls. However, you don’t want just anyone working on your pool. Let the professionals at Limitless Custom Pools offer the best pool restoration services. 

Pool resurfacing isn’t as intense as it sounds; it’s simply the process of removing and replacing the top surface layer of your pool. While this will depend on your pool’s original finish and the new finish you choose, the restoration process will generally take around a week to complete. While the specifics will differ from person to person, this service consists of a few general steps: 

First and foremost, we’ll drain your pool entirely before moving on to the preparation stage. Once we completely drain your pool, we’ll then strip off the existing surface to prepare it for the new material. These next few steps are where things can start to take a little more time, depending on your customization choices. A set of skilled artisans will come to install any tiling or decorative pieces you wish to add.  

The customizations and the finish you choose can extend the process by about two or three days, but you can rest assured that we use any extra time to ensure you get the best results possible. If you’ve chosen dark quartz, pebble, or Beadcrete finish, ask us about our acid wash process to protect your pool’s finish and extend its lifespan. Finally, we’ll take the time to refill your pool and give it the proper chemical treatment so that you can go back to enjoying the water under that beautiful Texas sun. 

At Limitless Custom Pools, we provide top-of-the-line restoration services and pool resurfacing in Houston, so you always have local, hardworking, and skilled workers at your service.