Outdoor Living Space Design in Houston

Here in Texas, we have some of the longest stretches of sunny blue skies in America. Locals take pride in our beautiful weather and want to enjoy what Mother Nature offers. For homeowners, there’s no better place to enjoy those stunning sunny skies and soak up the rays than in the privacy of your backyard. But maybe you’ve stepped outside and noticed your lawn could use an update. If so, call in the pros to design a custom outdoor living space.

Don’t let our name fool you. At Limitless Custom Pools, we also specialize in outdoor living space design. Our experienced artisans have the eye and the know-how to draft, design, and bring to life a backyard oasis that you’ll never want to leave.

We know your outdoor living space is more than just a plot of land. It’s an extension of your home and should reflect all the comfort and style you’ve built in your house’s interior. We’re here to help you enact your vision and actualize your dream outdoor living space with our backyard design services in Houston. Even if you don’t have a particular theme or design in mind, we’ll work with you to help you create an inviting oasis right in your backyard.

We don’t have “limitless” in our name for no reason! Truthfully, your budget and imagination are the only limitations, and transforming your outdoor living space with us is easy. We can install fire pits, spas, pavers, outdoor kitchens, and so much more. We’ll also use our 3D virtual reality technology to digitally design your landscape and walk you through what it will look like before you commit to a design.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that we’re just as committed to your home’s aesthetics as you are. With our outdoor living space design services in Houston, you’ll get the ideal backyard living space to truly enjoy precious moments with family and friends.